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the anti-slut brigade's Journal

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Sunday, August 17th, 2003
1:38 pm - The Rules of The Anti Slut Brigade

We all have some slut that made our lives totally fucking awful, so, this community is dedicated to those little fuckers. Now, we're not against sleeping around and whatnot, we just hate people who do who also happen to be the worst people ever. We rants and post pictures and hilarity ensues.
Now, before you get your diesels in an uproar(that was stolen from someone else), you must know a few things:
1: This is a closed community. Leave a comment at this entry and we will evaluate you and see if you are worthy of slut-hating.
2: All entries should be made friends-only, so just in case one of said sluts happens across this community, we won't have to go to the assistant principal. Again.
3: Any and all expletives are allowed. Hell, they're incouraged.
4: No lj-cut tag necessary. Long stories are the shit.

Love, Shlee.

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